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Trevor Homer - Golf Expert Witness

Serving the UK and Europe with Unique and Proven Expertise since 1993.

Instructed as an Expert Witness in several successful landmark cases.

Personal injuries on golf courses and driving ranges are generally foreseeable and avoidable.

Driven golf balls can exceed 150 mph, and travel more than 300 metres, and if an errant-struck ball hits an individual, it can cause permanent disabling injury.

Every year, increasing numbers of golfers, spectators and staff, are permanently maimed or blinded on golf courses and ‘rub of the green’ is no longer acceptable.

Every golf hole in the world presents a unique challenge, making the circumstances of golf accidents complex and not easily understood by non-golfers.

It is essential for the expert witness to possess an intimate knowledge of golf and its many demands, and to express these succinctly in reports and to the court.

Trevor Homer has a unique background in golf, competing at the highest professional and amateur levels, heading-up the National Body of Golf for under 18s, and designing golf courses and other golf facilities throughout Europe.

In company with his background in health and safety management, Trevor Homer has provided the necessary intelligence and guidance for the courts for many years.

Mr Trevor W B Homer

UK Register of Expert Witnesses

Golf Expert Services

  • Expert Witness Reports on Personal Injury from Errant Driven Ball Impact
  • Expert Witness Reports on Personal Injury from Golf Club Impact
  • Expert Witness Reports on Personal Injury from Slip and Fall
  • Expert Witness attending court
  • Golf Course Layout Safety Analysis – zonal risks
  • Golf Course Risk Analysis – players, staff and public
  • Driving Range Risk Analysis
  • Safety Mitigation Analysis for Planning Applications and Appeals
  • Safety Design
  • Adjoining Property – Errant Ball Safety Determination
  • Property Damage from Errant Ball
  • Accident Investigation
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Insurance Claims
  • Vulnerability Factors
  • Provision of Shot Dispersion Charts
  • Develop and Implement Safety Solutions
  • Product Safety (Golf Equipment)
  • Probability Scales
  • Employment reports
  • Post Accident Occupational and Career Options
  • Verification or otherwise of alternative Expert Witness Reports (facts and opinions)


Additional Services

  • Safe Operating Procedures/Guidelines
  • Reference Documents
  • Research Material
  • Extensive Photograph Library


  • Winner British Amateur Golf Championship on 2 occasions
  • Represented Great Britain against USA (Walker Cup)
  • Represented Great Britain against Europe (St Andrews Trophy)
  • Represented Great Britain in World Championships (Eisenhower Trophy)
  • Represented England in European Championships
  • Represented England in Home International Matches
  • Leading Amateur in US Masters
  • Competed PGA European Tour
  • Competed USA Tour
  • Golf course designer
  • Driving range designer and developer
  • Consultant to local authorities
  • Consultant to residential property developers
  • Consultant to the Advertising Standards Authority
  • Consultant for development of safe practice and equipment for Schools Golf
  • Golf Development Manager for Bovis (Proprietor of La Manga) 1993 to 1997
  • Executive Director Golf Foundation 1997 to 2000

Presented papers on golf development and safety to:

  • Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews
  • English Golf Union
  • Scottish Golf Union
  • Welsh Golf Union
  • Golf Union of Ireland
  • Professional Golfers Association
  • Professional Golfers Association of Europe
  • British Institute of Golf Course Architects
  • British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association
  • British Sports Industry Federation
  • Sport England.

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